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This site is intended to assist and encourage the development of oil and gas businesses in West Central Saskatchewan. One way we can do that is to make sure our site and services are what you need.


Oil and Gas Industr Advocate

We are interested in helping the industry overcome problems that have any negative impact on development in our region.

Oil and Gas Strategy Report

This website was developed following a review of the industry in the west central region of Saskatchewan


Welcome to

"Dedicated to a healthy Oil and Gas industry in west central Saskatchewan" is a new website dedicated to assisting the development of oil and gas related businesses in the west central region of Saskatchewan.

This site is being developed by a partnership of Regional Economic Development Authorities (REDAs) covering the area between the North and South Saskatchewan rivers in western Saskatchewan. [ view map to the right ]

The REDA organizations and their member communities realize that the oil and gas industry is critical to the economic well being of this region. A high priority has been placed on providing assistance to the industry and its related businesses.

We want to make sure our region is the best place to locate and do business.

One of the ways we can assist that objective is to make sure the industry has access to assistance they need to be successful. Our services are designed to do that.

Oil and Gas Service and Supply Businesses are needed in the region

We want service and supply businesses to locate in this region to service the region's oil and gas reserves. We will do whatever we can to assist these very important businesses to start or locate in the region.

REDAs are an Economic Development Partnership of Communities and Municipalities in the Region

REDAs serve as a Coordinator for economic development initiatives and issues. This means you can contact one organization to assist with regional concerns.

REDA Services Available to the Industry

The REDAs are experienced in business development and can assist with business start-up, expansion, or other issues that need attention. Services include;

Contact your REDA office or email

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REDA member contact information

Did you know?
  Saskatchewan Provincial Sales Tax has now been reduced to 5%  

Gas and Oil wells
  Oil and Gas well mapClick on the map to view detailed locations of oil and gas wells and other industry infrastructure. Zoom in for the highest detail.  

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